London photographer : Professional Promises Every Photographer Should Make

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GanderStickmanGanderStickman Being a professional photographer is hard work don't let nay one let you think otherwise .. and it's harder now than ever to justify the need for a professional.  In the modern times everyone has a camera in their pocket and professional equipment is expensive but affordable to many.  In fact I can almost be sure that at every function I take photos at a serious enthusiast will also be there with a good camera and lens. 

So what is it that makes me a professional photographer and any better at it than anyone else, I have equipment and I know how to use it, however I'm taking your best memories for years to come, images that will last beyond your years and serve as a reminder of you to those that follow.  As such I ought to have a code of practice, some promises of professionalism ... so here are my photography promises.

  • I promise to use professional level equipment.  Over the years I have invested many thousands of pounds in cameras, lenses, flashes and other bits and pieces necessary to do my job.  I’m not shooting on a high street entry level camera with entry level lenses.
  • I promise to have a back up plan for when things go wrong, because they will.
    I have 3 cameras, in case 1 breaks, I have 9 lenses, they all do something a bit different but I can use them all and get great pictures from them.  I have 4 flashes, I can use them on the camera or on stands remotely. Not only that but I have 3 separate drives to back your precious memories onto and also keep them at a remote site.  Even when things don't work I still know how to get through the event to get the pictures you need.
  • I promise to stay on top of my training so my skills are always upto date and current. 
  • I promise that it doesn't just stop with taking the picture ... for every function I normally take double the same amount of time again, if not more, selecting pictures, hand editing and making the best I can from the image I took.  Not only have I invested in equipment but I have invested in a serious computer, back up options, and software to complete the job.
  • I promise that I have a photographers professional website that allows you to have a password protected gallery for all your friends to visit and if they like a picture they can order it there and then for a reasonable price.
  • I promise to have made a site visit to know where the best places are to get a picture from in your location or venue.  If I cannot make a site visit before hand I'll get there well before you do to make sure I know where I am and what to do.
  • I promise to know what will happen at your event so that I don't miss any important parts.  I also promise not to spend time reviewing my pictures in the corner at your event so that I miss things ... I can do that at home.  
  • I promise to help you every step of the way and put you at ease to get the pictures you want.  Most people are not always comfortable staring down a lens and need to be helped along the way.  If it’s a wedding or a bat / barmitzvah you don’t want to worry if I’m getting the right pictures.
  • I promise never to use auto mode at all.
  • I promise to dress appropriately for each shoot.  I’ll blend into the background at the party and not look like I’m about to go to the gym, or dress better than the guests.
  • I promise to have you all sign a contract that protects both you and me.
  • I promise to make sure you have signed a model release to protect you from letting me use the pictures for marketing purposes.  If you don’t let me use your picture for facebook or otherwise I won’t use it.
  • I promise all the pictures on my website and portfolio are mine and mine alone.  I won’t pass off anybody else’s work as my own. On the rare occasion where it is necessary to use someone else's picture for the sake of examples  I will let you know and I'll never claim it as my own work.
  • I promise any music I may use for slide shows or videos is royalty free and not from the current charts, doing that may well land us in court.


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