London Photographer : The First Month of Full Time Photography

November 05, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

GanderStickmanGanderStickman It's often said that apples don't fall far from trees.  My father had a career change more or less forced on him in pretty much mid life.  There are comparisons but my father never got to make his hobby a living.  All so those of you that know me will already know that until recently I was both a photographer and city office worker.  However at the end of September I was once again made redundant and this time I have the opportunity to do take the photography to the next stage.

I went back to the City a few weeks ago to join an ex-co-worker for leaving drinks giving me the perfect opportunity to catch up with a few old faces.  It's interesting that the vast majority of them are envious of my position and if only they could find a way out of there current life styles they might just consider it. 

I wrote a blog post here at the beginning of October when the switch was made.  

So what have a learnt in this first month ...
I've learnt that working 7days a week on a single persuit, because that is what you end up doing is tiring. When I worked in the old day job photography was a welcome distraction.  

I've also learnt that as I now have more time available I can really grow the business side of this venture ...

Not only can I take and process more pictures but I can 

  • Make regular blog posts
  • Attend regular business network meetings
  • Create regular tweets and other social networking media
  • Develop product samples 
  • Most of all I can discuss things and meet more clients than ever before and be in a position to take on more and more work.

It has without doubt been a very busy month and I've had a load of photography to do also ... so what next

More and More photos please ... its Xmas season soon and many of you will be having parties, work events or need a Seasonal Gift.  Come ask the photographer what I can do for you ..



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