London Photographer : Valentine's Offer

January 07, 2015

Valentine's Day Is Just Around The Corner

StickMen 15017 ValentineStickMen 15017 Valentine With Xmas only just over and turkey left overs still loitering in the back of the fridge it seems almost  too soon to be thinking about the first big event in the calendar ... Valentine's Day.  

At the time of writing there are a little over 5 weeks before cards and gifts are exchanged in the name of romance.
For some it will be the first blush of romance for others it may lead to a question on bended knee and for many it will be a celebration of a lasting realtionship.
But what is the gift that strikes of imagination,  something different from the nornal chocolates and roses, or even an expensive night out ?
How about a photography gift.  If you are planning on proposing why not have a photographic memory of that moment. Imagine being able to hold the look on your partner's face for all time in a photo. Just tell your partner you booked a couples portrait shoot as a gift it's that simple.
But what if you are in a long term relationship that needs a fresh spark, a tingle of excitement. Imagine the look on your partners face as the unwrap a gift boxed print of you for their eyes only ... something special for them and them alone.  That's a bit different from chocolates and roses ...


If this is a cat and mouse year where you are signalling intentions of interest to a new partner how about a set of Guess Who images. Pictures you for their eyes only, with no facial features so they have to workout who its from.
There are 3 great ideas for gifts to remember, guaranteed to make your partner smile and somethi g that will last a lot longer than dinner for two in a tired resaurant


150105 Valentie Offer1 FB150105 Valentie Offer1 FB