New Year's Resolutions ... How are yours doing ?

April 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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Back at the beginning of January I wrote a blog about New Years Resolutions.  You can read  it here.

I live in London, where this weekend just saw the London Marathon.  For many of the runners it would have been a resolution to complete that race.  If you took part, well done to you. 

I'm wondering how we are all doing with any other resolutions you may have.  Have you managed to stick with them, tick any of them off the list yet.

I challenged you all, I suggested that you do something that scares you.  Something to remember. Something rewarding.

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I'm back again to make that same challenge just in case I've managed to slip to the bottom of your list.  We are a quarter of the way through the year, a few weeks back we changed the clocks but before you know it the nights will draw in and we will reset them once again.

For many having a picture taken can be just as hard and challenging as taking part in the London Marathon.  It takes courage to stand in front of a camera and as some of those that have had a session will tell you it takes a certain amount of physical stamina and indeed mental ability. 

So come on and do something you've been putting off for some time and have a picture taken it's a rewarding experience that will be transformational in so many ways.

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