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Individual, couples or groups, people, their relationships and how they interact with each other. The goal of any portrait is to capture the character of the person, or people in the frame.  It's often a challenge, what should I wear, I don't know how to pose, what should I do with this hand, where should I look ... all common questions.  Often people are not at their most comfortable at the beginning of a portrait shoot.  It takes time to build the relationship and trust to get the great pictures.  Any portrait session has to be a fun experience that is reflected in the images.  When do I know I've got a picture you'll like, that's easy it's when you start to act natural.  


It's best to take new born pictures between days 5 and 10.  It's when your new born will be at their most sleepy and easiest to pose.  New born shoots normally take 2hrs but can last longer depending on how junior will behave.  The key element is patience and humour, it's all in the hands of the baby. I can come to you with everything needed for great natural photography or you can come to my home studio with great natural light.  


Maternity shoots can take place in your house, local park or my home studio. The best time to have a maternity shoot is around 34 weeks when your bump is at it's greatest.  I take flattering photos of your amazing bump with your partner and other children if applicable.