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A - Z of function photography B Bands

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A-Z B Bands


Music at a function is an absolute must.  Setting the mood for the occasion the entertainment is one of the things a wedding or barmiztvah is remembered for. 
A live band can react to the audience, interact with them and provide a special kind of atmosphere.   The good ones also interpret the songs and a little of their flavour to the music.
The type of music you choose can set the tone of your function and solidify a theme. And remember, it's the thing people most often remember. Think about what musical genre best reflects your personalities and inspires the ambience you want to create: Groovy funk or subdued string quartet? Swanky swing or kick-off-your-shoes-and-sweat disco? The way the music is delivered also affects the ambience. The type of music you choose may dictate the choice too -- big band sounds are generally best live, for example.
Ideally, you will want to see a band in action before you commit so that you can gauge firsthand the way they dress and work the crowd.  If that's not a possibility, ask for a playlist, and look for songs you know and love. If a band gives you a CD, cassette, or video, be sure that the musicians you hear or see are the same musicians who will play at your reception. Also, ask for referrals from the last few weddings the band or DJ played. Consider your first-dance song a test. If the band doesn't know it and is unwilling to learn it, or the DJ doesn't own it and is unwilling to get it, move on.
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