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A-Z of function photography A

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A Coming of Age


A is for coming of age, a young Jewish boy becomes a man at 13 and a girl a woman at 12.  Seems young to shoulder the responsibility of adulthood when you've not had a chance to choose your GSCE options or drink a glass of wine but hey that's religion.  From the kid’s point of view, it’s about getting dressed up, reading publicly, and leading a congregation in prayer. From the adults, there's tears of pride and joy from close friends, a reason to buy a new dress for the women and good whiskey for the men.  It's nerve-racking business for a new teen and a fine reason to eat and have a good party.

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Barmitzvah and Batmitzvahs come in all shapes and sizes, different themes and plenty of different styles.  What you can be sure of is that there are lots of photos to take.  I'll often take upwards of 1500 images, that need to be selected, edited and the best ones put in a book to you remember the weekend by.   The photos are the way to remember the night, show you the bits you miss and a way for the women to make sure they don't wear the same dress twice with the same group of people.
It's a manic and magical night of work but it's an honour to share it with the family and always fun.
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