Have a great time with the Gander

Open Photo Booth




Photo booths have been available at functions to entertain guests and provide you with pictures for a good while.

Whilst the traditional photo booth has  a wide appeal gander Photography likes to take a different approach to your photo booth.
We use an open studio for you and your guests.  We can accommodate more people than the traditional boot all without being squashed against walls. 
150622 HearnWedding 4639 FB C150622 HearnWedding 4639 FB C
Your picture is taken by a fully trained photographer, with tips in posing and arranging the group for a high quality image that will act as a great reminder of the night and you can take away with you on the night.
If you are the host of the party all of the final pictures will be printed in a book and delivered to you a short time after the party complete with a memory stick for individual prints should you want them.  There's also a slide show set to music for you of the pictures.  You can carry it on you iPhone and relive the evening.
To see a slideshow of images from the Open Photo booth click for more information