Meet The Team





Head Photographer

Julian Knopf


Lee Barnett

Make Up Artist

Amy Merchant

Since creating Gander Photography owner and lead photographer Julian has shot hundreds of events and countless portraits defining a style all of his own.

His main aim is to create memories and art that you will want to share with family and friends time and time again. 




Lee has been working in the entertainment industry for many years and has videoed weddings, barmitzvahs and corporate events in equal measure.  He's even had his share of time in front of the lens as well as behind it.

Videoing with Julian over the last 4 years a working relationship has developed where each knows what the other wants, is thinking and needs.  


Amy has worked with Julian on over 50 shoots across the last several years and is more than happy to to be in front of the lens.  

A tireless creative force she will act both as your hair and make up artist and assistant on the day ensuring your photo experience is one you will always remember.