Photo Competition Oct 18


Thank you for showing interest in the photo competition.  This is the first competition I have entered so it is an exciting time for me.  

I need to build a portfolio of upto 10 images to enter into the competition.  I have set a theme for myself for tight, honest portraits.  These may all be entered as black and white images ( though I am yet undecided ).  I have had more than 10 responses to the request so as such it is possible that your images may not make it to final submission.

The shoot will be simple,  with a single camera set up, either a black or white background and at the most 2 lights.  

I am looking to capture true portraits of the people that have agreed to sit. 

The shoot will take place at my home in Pinner Middlesex
As it is a home I transform various rooms for use as a studio.

Below are a few of the images I have taken already to illustrate the ideas.

Contact me here   and fill out the form

Note : 

1. In order to enter you must be willing to have you image displayed in public areas, on the internet and in a gallery not only by me but by the competition sponsor.  If we go on to win your picture may be published in a book.

2. There have been more than 10 responses to the request for models and your image may not be included in the final submission

3. There will be no fee for taking part

4. Ownership and copyright remains with Gander Photography

5. Images will be used by Gander Photography to promote Gander Photography and The Way You Are

6. You will receive an electronic copy of your image. You may use this across your social networks with no alterations.

7. Hair and Make Up will not be provided on the day of the shoot.  You must come prepared and ready to shoot.

8. As the images are head shots only it is requested you bring a selection of tops to wear.  Please be prepared to provide a bare shoulder look.  

9. The shoot should take less than 1hr to complete.  In order to allow for set up, outfit change etc. allow for 2 hrs of your day.

10. A series of behind the scenes images and video will be taken at the time of the shoot for use on social media platforms.  These may include but are not limited to shooting, editing, FB / Insta go lives etc. 

Message me [email protected] if you have any questions.