Teen Party FAQ


So what is a Teen Party exactly ?

Simple it's a party where the photoshoot is the party.  You and a bunch of friends get to spend a few hours being models.  Individual shots, group poses, bits from the prop box it's all there.

What should I wear ?

It's up to you, depending on how many of you there are there's time to have 1 or 2 changes of clothes.  The best ideas are a casual set, a smart set and a silly set.  That means anything you like as long as all of you are in similar outfits.  So start with jeans and a top, move on to a fun skirt or dress with a more bling type top and then onto party dresses.  Other ideas have included Onesies, tracksuit and vest tops.  It's best to try and think of a theme so Boho, Denim, Party ....

Where do you take the pictures ?

I come to you with everything you need to turn your house into a studio.  This gives the best opportunity for outfit changes etc. With everything we need to make the room into a full photography studio.  Backdrops, lighting, props etc all comes with me.

How long does it all take and do we take breaks ?

A party lasts for around 2 to 2 1/2 hours.  With around 10 people that would mean each set lasts around 35-40 mins before you all go take a quick change and start again.

What happens after the party and how do I get the pictures ?

After the party I review all the images and edit the best from each set.  These are then put on a private web gallery for all the party people to see.  You the host, will also receive a disc of the images in high resolution for pictures that print to 10x8.  I can of course arrange for larger prints to be delivered but these will often need further retouching prior to print.