Client Testimonials


Deborah Regan ( Bride )

...put me completely at ease and was our superb photographer. He is a genius and I cannot thank him enough for snapping me before and after the service and making me feel like a princess. ... if you need a photographer, you cannot go wrong with him.


What should I wear ?

It's up to you, what you normally wear and what it is you want to get from the shoot.  The best options are leggings and a t-shirt top or vest that follow your outline and get the best shape, this of course can be rolled up to show the bump.  Other nice ideas include your partner's white work short open to show the belly, a long maxi dress that can be made to float in a the breeze of a fan.  The options are up to you.  It's best not to wear something too tight before the session as this will minimize marks on the skin.  Your hand will feature a lot in the pictures so you may want to have your nails done before hand.

If you have any booties, baby grows or toys for baby then bring them with.  They can feature in the pictures.

Where do you take the pictures ?

As a rule I come to you with everything you need to turn your house into a studio.  This gives the best opportunity for outfit changes etc.  If you would rather come to me I can set up in my home.  It's not a studio in the traditional sense of the word but we still get great images.

Can I bring someone with as moral support ?

Many people can be a bit shy about the prospect of a maternity shoot.  Many clients have commented at how relaxed the session is but if you want a friend there for moral support, by all means go ahead and ask them to come with.

Come to think of it can I bring my partner ?

Without a doubt some the best photos to get from a maternity session are couples pictures.  Get Dad involved and make great pictures.

What about my stretch marks ?

Should you want any picture you receive as a final image edited to minimize these we can discuss this.  I advise against total removal as the picture will look unnatural but they can be made less noticeable.

How long does it all take and do we take breaks ?

A session generally lasts around 2 hrs.  In that time we will cover a number of poses and outfit changes.  When you want a rest, need a snack or baby just needs to stop wriggling there is plenty of time.