Gander Photography | A photographer ... no I am more than that

A photographer ... no I am more than that

April 15, 2015

GanderStickmanGanderStickman I take pictures ... that's it ...

Well no it's not you see what I really am and what I need to tell you all is that I am all of these things, I am a time lord, I am a magician and I am a surgeon ...

Did that grab your attention ??





Time travel impossible ... well not if you are me.  You see what I do is grab little bits of time and give them back to you.  After all is said and done the memories that you have will all fade away ... so I capture them for you.  Through my photography you will remember your party well into the future and our children's children's children will be able to connect with the past.  Still think time travel is impossible.







magicainmagicain Magician ... rabbit's out of hats ... well whilst I can't do that I can certainly take the pictures and put a smile back on a face, open closed eyes. Even take people away you don't want in the picture, and them in if they weren't there.  It's a bit like magic ...







SurgeonSurgeon Surgeon ... make me 10 years younger, 3 inches taller, 10lb lighter .. I get that all the time.  Whilst I can't do that to you physically I can retouch and enhance the portraits I take of you to make them the best they will ever be ... that is after all why they are being taken.  Not only that but I know just how much to do to make things look natural.





So next time you take a snap or see a photographer spare a thought about what that little bit of time means and what it might mean in the future.