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London Photographer : Making the Puzzle Fit

May 11, 2015
They say don't work with children and animals.  I say why not, it's where I've had some of my best shoots.  As a photographer life would be little fun,with no suprises, if everything went to plan.  And if there is one thing you can pretty much be sure of it's that animals and children will rarely behave as you need them to to get the right shot. So what does that mean? Well it means that if you have the patience and the skills as a modern digital photographer you can get the pictures the client wants.
Large groups of people always lead to people looking in the wrong direction, add a few children into the mix and it gets even harder.  If you are lucky its a simple change of the eyes, move a hand something like that and nobody would notice.  It can get harder and maybe a whole head or body needs a change.  Even harder yet is having to change more than just one thing one person.

20150511_164127[1]20150511_164127[1] The first stage is to create the jigsaw, look at all of the potential images and highlight the good bits,  then you need to put them all together, blend and merge, tweak to make them look like it was taken as it stands and take a long hard look at your handy work.  It takes a good eye for detail, make sure that nobody has 3 hands, a good level of judgement, if it is going to look good, plenty of skill and patience.  Some of these can take 3 or 4 hours to complete, but if it results in the right picture it's all part of the service.  The camera never lies ... it always lied a little bit.  

Being a modern photographer means knowing how to do these things and do them well so that the final image is the one the client wants.  Many times I'll make a puzzle fit and the client is never aware, it's only when I show them what I've done that they appreciate the additional effort.