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Out with the Old and In With the New

May 01, 2015

ShirtsOut with the Old and In with the newLogo's change   Out with the Old and In with The New

 It will not have escaped you that there are some changes happening at Gander Photography and all for good reason. 

 Gander Photography was created around 4 years ago in 2011.  At that time I was still working a day job., well if I'm honest  I was between day jobs, and was seizing an opportunity that few really have.  So a few pictures were taken, a germ of an  idea for a business planted and late one night, or maybe early one morning I set about a simple web site.  I found a free to  use vendor and built it.  I moved about for a bit before getting to this site.



GanderStickmanGanderStickman But in building the web site I needed an identity, I already had the name.  Then, you need a logo and the logo needs to be used in business cards and web pages and image watermarks and facebook and twitter and ... well many other things.  I came up with Mr Stickman.  He's been with me and a part of my life for a few years already in one guise or another and he seemed to fit the ideas I was looking for.

He's happy, He's wearing a camera, He's got wide open arms, he looks a bit like me with the grey hair. 

Unfortunately now he's also a bot too much of a cartoon and not quite right.  He's not the right message even if I want to say all the same things.

Now that this is a full time job and he's more public he's just got to go.  I still strive to be all of those things listed above but I also need to recognize that I need to look a touch more professional.  


I resisted the change, I wanted to fade him into the background, keep him but loose him both at the same time.  No such luck I tried various options and none of them worked.  With the help of a graphic designer, a few glasses of wine and some tooing and froing a new logo has been born.

NewLogoBlackNewLogoBlack What does it say, well it says 

I can stand up with the competition, I'm a professional and take business seriously

I know what my brand represents

I'm targeting the audience I'm trying to reach

I have an identity

It's the first step in a number of changes. web redesign, brochures, advertising, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram they all need changes too.  Ypou don't know how wide the foot print is until you need to change it.

The web site is also going through an overhaul and you'll see the changes filter through bit by bit as they happen.  Let me know what you think of the new logo, the web site changes and everything as it happens.