Gander Photography | Function Photography ... What price are your memories

Function Photography ... What price are your memories

January 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

OK so how many people have had a disappointing photography experience ?

I meet more and more people that tell me that their photographer let them down.  The fave picture of their wedding was not one they paid a photographer for but one that their friend took ... How can this be ?

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It seems more and more that there are a lot of people calling themselves photographers ... I can't complain I was once just a hobbyist too.  Back when people used a film camera and specialist equipment and more than likely had there own dark rooms then it was harder to get into.  

But reader be ware, just because I can buy a camera and a lens doesn't make me an event photographer.  I have to know what I'm doing, where to be and when, understand the flow of the night, and I have to have plenty of kit, at last count I have 3 cameras, 9 lenses, 5 flashes you get the drift ... is that because I like spending the money ?  No it's because I need the right tool for the right job, you don't want a surgeon to do brain surgery with a plastic knife do you ?  Nor do you want the surgeon, with a scalpel, to cut into you without knowing what he's upto ...

So all of the kit, the insurance, hours of training both with a camera and photoshop it has  a value ... back to the brain surgeon, if you saw him on a Private appointment you'd expect it to cost you a fair price ... if he said 'Sure come see me, it'll only cost you £50 you'd wonder how good he was ... 

Sometimes it can be hard for people to appreciate the value of photography and in many cases it's only after the event, which cannot be recreated that people understand.  I see more an more people who tell me that their function was not well photographed for one reason or another ... please don't be one of them 


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