Gander Photography | Having a good back up strategy

Having a good back up strategy

July 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Back It Up


I'm paranoid, it's true.  First you've invited me to take your pictures, that in itself is scary enough to some people.  But then what if the camera breaks, the cards fail or once we are editing the drives all crash.  

It's not impossible is it ...

That's why I do the very best to protect against all issues.

Gander Phototgaphy BackupsGander Phototgaphy BackupsGander Phototgaphy Backups






























I use 3 cameras on every job.  Not because it makes me look great with all that kit hanging around my neck, infact quite the opposite and it weighs enough, but because if one should fail I have a back up.  I'm swapping between them all the time and spreading the pictures across them.  Often those watching me will ask, What's the difference between the cameras ? Whilst they may be set differently it's also to make sure I'm minimising risk.  One of those cameras uses 2 cards at a time so, if one card fails the other one has all of the pictures.

When I get back, on the night of the function, I upload everything.  It takes time.  Then I back it all up locally to 3 additional drives, and then it all goes off to the cloud.  

The only problem right now is that I'm so busy taking pictures that even with a fibre internet connection, my cloud backups can't keep up !!!


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