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I'm a bad blogger

January 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

or Oh my word is it really that long since I wrote a blog ??

OK so I'm a bad blogger, it's been almost year since I wrote post ... in that amount of time I could

  • have had a baby OK so I'm a bloke so it's a bit hard but you get my drift
  • grown 4 1/2 inches of hair 
  • Boiled roughly 40,000 eggs

and a whole lot of other things

Instead what I have been doing is taking pictures, building websites, creating books and a whole lot of other stuff

Infact last year I took,edited and delivered over 75,000 photos over 105 different shoots. 

That's a whole lot of barmitzvah's & batmitzvahs, quite a few portraits,  a few dogs and quite a bit of contemporary boudoir portraiture.  Not only all of that but I also held my own gallery of work ... a first for me and quite a strange night all round.  45 pictures printed in a large format hanging on walls and being displayed to selected invited guests. 

So I'm taking the unusual step of making a new years resolution now and promising to share more of my work here.  You see I think that the power of photography is lost in the Snapchat generation.  The click here and now, but a true photograph one that captures the essence of the day is a thing of wonder.  Not only that but, if printed and this is getting rarer and rarer as time goes by, it is there for all future generations to see.  How many of you spent time ploughing through the family photo albums laughing and learning all about family life. 

So be prepared, be prepared to see a lot of bar mitzvahs, a lot or bat mitzvahs, some weddings, some portraits and maybe some corporate work.  I live to keep my photography wide and varied, as long as it includes people.  I'm not much of a one for still life, landscapes or food.  But I do like to experiment, to create and to exist through photography.

In the mean time here is a little bit of what I got up to last year ...


If you have anything you want to know, or see then let me know and I'll what I can do to help.


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