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How To Keep A Teenager Happy On Their Next Birthday

September 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
Teenagers are a strange kind of alien, they look like us and act like us, eventually they will even become us.  That's where it ends ...
So what do you do for a teenager's birthday party, what is different, what keeps them entertained ?
How about letting them live their Next Top Model dreams.  A birthday teenager, some friends, a travelling studio, some props and a patient photographer.
And so it was that I was invited to photograph one young teenager and her friends.  6 mostly shy girls entered the room with caution and fear.  Oh and lots and lots of bags with clothes and shoes.  Whilst I rerranged furniture and set up for the day.  What happened over then next 2 hrs or so can only be described as great fun. 
As the mother of the party girl said to me 
" ... the girls came out of their shells after a very short period of time, you had them all laughing! The party was a great success and the girls had an amazing time, definitely one they won't forget! "


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