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The lasting appeal of Black and White photography

January 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


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We live in a high definition, ultra bright, technicolour world.  Televisions have developed in a short number of years from a 14 inch square box on top of a sideboard into 60inches of flat screen beauty on the wall that deliver a picture that is better than looking through a window.

Why is it then that in all of this hyper realism there is still a draw to black and white photography.  That hark back to history of monochrome.  In every set of images I deliver there is always a black and white or two.  These are the images that people comment on the most.
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It is true that in the modern world we have far more control over the way black and white works, the tones and contrast, in my mind the modern black and white looks far better than some of the classics.
It seems to me that black and white evokes different emotions than colour.  People are reminded of old historical pictures, maybe of family history their parents or grandparents wedding.  It also seems to me that black and white is a more personal medium, a portrait can be far more connected, far more personal.  Is a black and white image better at telling a story, being part of a documen ?

I'll let you decide but one thing is for sure the photographer has it easier, we can decide if a picture will be black and white after we take it, we can control the tones of the black and white image and make digital images taken on modern mega pixel cameras designed to give the best colour images be the best black and white pictures we can.


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