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and now it's Colour's turn

February 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Last week I blogged about the lasting appeal of Black and White photography, this week I thought I'd give colour it's turn to fight back.

There is no doubt that modern cameras, even the one's on phones are getting better and better.  One of the best advances has been in the way colours are captured and then printed. A vibrant photography has the ability to put you right back in the moment.  For weddings, barmitzvahs and batmitzvahs the selection of colour theme has often been a difficult choice and there are lots of articles on many blogs directing people how to choose colours.  

Some pictures just won't work in black and white take these for instance Note : These are not my pics
pastel4pastel4 pastel3pastel3
pastel2pastel2 pastel1pastel1

Colour has it's place and is more likely to stay and dominate than Black and White I keep promising myself that I'm going to embark on a black and white only project.  Pictures taken in Black and White that are meant to be Black and White not just conversions at a later date.  Maybe this year I'll get round to it.  In the mean time I'll carry on making the odd conversion and seeing what happens.


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