Gander Photography | How To Make Sure You Love Your Event Photos Pt1

How To Make Sure You Love Your Event Photos Pt1

May 21, 2018  •  1 Comment

It takes a lot of factors to be selected as the photographer for a special occasion ...

There are many questions to ask is your decision based on

  1. Seeing samples of previous work / events
  2. Photography style and artisticness 
  3. A personal meeting with the photographer
  4. The products you receive at the end; books, albums, prints etc etc
  5. Level of service you might receive; many people in the industry know each other and can help out etc
  6. Price ( though we hope that isn't the only factor )
  7. Personal recommondations
  8. First hand experience, seeing them at work at a different function

and that is not even an exhaustive list.

So today starts a series of blog posts ... How to get images that you love ..

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There's quite a long list of things above and I could take them in order .. or I could just carry on.  Strangely I'm going for the later option.  Even stranger I'm leading with one that is more implied in the above list rather than written out specifically.
When all is said and done, when you have met the photographer, seen some work and potentially discussed terms I actually think the way to getting great photos is to like and trust the photographer themselves.
A great deal of what we do before during and after the event is based on trust.  Am I going to get all the required family group shots, do you trust that I am getting them in a way you will like them.  Will important moments such as a chair lift, grand entrance, cake cutting be captured.  Will we all be having fun together at the function ?
Liking the photographs you see on a web site or from a friend is one thing but you have to like your photographer also. Let's get to know eachother there's only me, or very rarely my very competent alternative shooter.  
Take time to meet me, get to know me and we'll find out things about eachother that will make the day go without  a hitch.
Like a recent client said after a barmitzvah we were saying our goodbyes ....


You were great, like having one of the family here to share the day with us




This is very well written about what one should expect and look for understanding in a photographer. Because oftentimes, they do it AFTER the project and it leads to rough relations. So it is up to both the parties to avoid friction and believe in each other through talking.
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