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Meet The Team

May 03, 2018  •  1 Comment

I thought it might be time to introduce you to some of the team members here at Gander Photography so here we go


Head of Photography    Julian

Clearly a massively important role ...

without a photographer we just wouldn't have a business so it's thanks to him we can all eat and pay our bills.

Julian will do absolutly anything to get the shot .. wade through a river, lie down in the grass, stand on platforms no risk is too small.


Head of IT                    Julian

There's lots of technical kit and it all needs to be upto date and kept on top of. 

Computers, tablets, laptops, cameras and the associated paraphernalia as well as networks, backups and mail admin.



Head of Social Media and Web Design    Julian

At Gander Photography we take our social media presence very seriously with Web site, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms constantly refreshed and updated. 

Each stream has a unique strategy and content, hopefully if you follow all of them you don't feel like you are seeing the same thing over and over again on each of them. 

That's all thanks to the hard work Julian puts in.

Customer Service         Julian

Just as we wouldn't have a business without our photographer Julian, it's true that if no one was there to buy them we'd have a lot of expensive kit and no where to use it. 

Tightly aligned to the Social Media and Web strategy ... Julian and Julian work together to ensure all client requests are handled in a timely manner.



Travel and Transport    Julian

If we couldn't get to our clients then we couldn't take the pictures ..

Julian determines the routes and drives our photographer Julian to the venue. 

Once the job is done he also of course transports him home.



Head of Photographic Editing     Julian

Taking the pictures is just that start of your photo's lives. 

Once a job is complete and Julian hands over the cards, Julian will review, edit and if necessary Photoshop the images to be the best they can. 

It's an extremely complex and time consuming role with ever changing software that needs to be reviewed and mastered.



Head of Finance  Julian

It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.  Putting together a quote for the job in hand, negotiating contracts, taking and chasing payments. 

All of this in a business needs to be done. 

Just as we need photographers and clients, we also need to make sure that the level of money that comes into the business exceeds the funds that go out. 

That's not easy when Julian, Julian or Julian ask for new cameras, lenses, marketing campaigns or fresh transport options. 

Head of Cleaning Ozzy

Never afraid of a daunting task, this pooch will happily hoover and pose with clients.

Working closely with Julian, Julian, Julian and Julian, Ozzy maintains a clear working environment and increases office productivity by 34%




and so there you are a small introduction to the key staff here at Gander Photography, there are a number of other Julians that work here from time to time but we didn't want to overwhelm you in this post !!


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What about your assistant Karen, dosent she get a mention?
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